Engine Fitting Checklist

Engine Warranty Fitting Check List
1. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the engine is fitted by a professional mechanic whom is qualified to carry out the work. The fitter must be a professional whom can provide a full receipt as evidence of
correct installation. Cash / hand written receipts will not be accepted.
2. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the engine is inspected carefully, checking for damage before signing / accepting delivery. You must make a note of any transit damage in writing on the courier’s delivery
note. If there is any damage you must notify 365 Engines within 24 hours of receiving the item.
3. We do not guarantee gaskets or seals so please have your mechanic inspect all the gaskets and seals prior to installing the engine. Replace as necessary. It is good practice to install new gaskets on your rocker cover and reseal the oil sump prior to installation.
4. Engines rely on clean oil, air and fuel to run correctly. 365 engines cannot be held responsible if an engine develops a fault arising because poor quality or contaminated oil, air or fuel supply.
5. Replace timing belts and tensioners (with a new timing belt kit) and check timing is correct. We would also recommend replacing timing chains if fitted as although these are expected to last the life of the vehicle often they do not. It is the fitter’s responsibility to ensure that the engine timing is correct. Faults arising due to incorrect timing or failure of a timing belt or its components are not covered by our warranty.
6. Install a new oil filter and use new oil when installing this engine. Ensure the oil used is the correct grade as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Engine failure arising due to use of the incorrect oil or contaminated oil will not be covered under our warranty.
7. Replace the air filter when installing this engine. Air filters remove contaminants from the air that enters the engine. Contaminated air can result in engine damage / failure.
8. Prior to installing the engine replace both the front and rear crank oil seals and replace the cam oil seal. Oil seals are not guaranteed and if disturbed can leak. These can cost a small fortune to replace once the engine is installed. Engines rely on oil to operate. Engine failure arising due to lack of oil or oil starvation will not be covered by our warranty.
9. If the engine uses a turbo charger we insist that you replace the turbo oil feed and return pipes. These pipes can become contaminated from the previous engine failure. If these contaminants enter the oil supply of the new engine it may result in damage. This is not covered under our warranty.
10. It is good practice to replace the thermostat and water pump. Engines rely on these ancillaries and as such refitting used ones would not be advised. Engine failure arising from a faulty ancillary such as one of these will not be covered by our warranty.
11. If an engine is supplied complete with the fuel system please be aware that these items are untested and cannot be guaranteed. It is good practice to get your original fuel injectors and the fuel pump tested before using these on the replacement engine. A faulty fuel system may cause poor running and even result in engine failure due to over or under fuelling. Engine failure due to a faulty ancillary such as an injector, fuel pump or is not covered under our warranty.
12. New antifreeze / coolant is required. We also recommend you buy a new radiator or take your old one to a professional and have it back flushed, flow tested and cleared if required.
13. Where applicable replace the spark plugs.
VERY IMPORTANT: To qualify for our warranty you the customer are responsible for keeping all the paperwork
and receipts for the parts and labour detailing that the above steps were completed upon installation of the
engine. In the event of a claim on your guarantee you MUST PROVIDE dated receipts from reputable suppliers
(hand written cash receipts will not be accepted). NO PAPERWORK MEANS NO WARRANTY, NO EXCEPTIONS!